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Why The Bible

Child molestation, other sex crimes, and ungodly behavior go unchecked.
There's no sense of right & wrong, & no justice for the disadvantaged.
Drug use becomes the false hope
for empty, unfulfilled lives.
There's no guide for Salvation & Eternal Hope; or for successful living.

THE BIBLE: God's "Love Letter" to Humanity!
The Bible has been Subjected to Challenges, and "nit-picked", like no other book in the History of Man; yet it remains beyond reproach as the Revealed Word of God; when presented in an accurate translation, such as the King James Version.

Validity of the Bible in Summary 

                    The Bible's Outward Manifestations                      Direct You To Your Inner Life

There is an awesome array of physical evidence that validate the Bible. But the greatest validation comes when you receive its message and meaning in your heart by the Holy Spirit!

Evidence of Bible's Validity-Animated

In the Bible Book of 2 Peter, Chapter 1, Peter makes a very passionate plea for all to believe the Bible. Being one of Jesus' first apostles, he was able to base his appeal on an eyewitness account of events that prove Jesus is the Savior, as recorded in many books of the Bible.

Learn How to Fend for Yourself in these Spiritually Dangerous Times!
For centuries Unscrupulous Church leaders have used various tactics to keep ordinary people from understanding the Bible for Themselves. Now YOU can be SET FREE! It's not that hard.

Satan's Boldest Attack on Truth eveR
He has deceived leaders of the Fallen Church to publish "Bibles" that agree with their FALSE DOCTRINE! THE END IS NEAR! Make Your Move for TRUTH! Stick with the KJV.


"Speaking the truth in love, to all people regardless of present religion, race, ethnicity, country, or culture; everyone needs to be assured of a glorious eternity, rather than one of eternal torment. In order to achieve this you must avoid "Bad Religion"; and Atheism.




Every individual human being is in the same predicament! We are caught up in time, but we are headed toward eternity. While we are in time we must make the most important decision that has ever existed. We must decide what is the best way, the way that will work, the way that will allow us to enter eternity and find eternal peace with God our Creator.


There are many religions that claim their way is the one you should put your trust in. Since they all do not agree about their methods, they all cannot be right; therefore some are just forms of "bad religion". It's not about bashing religions, or pitting one against another, it's about getting your individual soul "saved" for all eternity. Otherwise you will be lost for all eternity. Therefore, you must know that you have got to get it right! So, you cannot let your decision be determined by how you were raised; or your ancestral religion; or what is most popular in your culture; or which religion you accepted first. You must arrive at your decision through careful study and analysis, thinking things through, and a lot of prayer. Prayer is absolutely necessary, because at the end of your rational analysis, you must receive validation of your approach directly from God.

The true God is merciful and loving. He did not leave such an important issue up to human beings to come up with their own religion, He has given us specific, validated, instructions how to get our eternity straight with Him. God is not the originator of the confusion that exist in the religious world.  We can rest assured that God has revealed himself in a precise way to humanity.


Like many, this author has concluded that Christianity is the only valid, God approved way to have the proper relationship with God, which has been brought to humanity by Jesus Christ. This relationship is what gives us a life of peace and power while we are on Earth, and it gives us an assurance that when we leave Earth, and go into eternity, we will receive a glorious reception into the presence of God.


The information on how to arrive at the proper relationship with God is presented in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. This brings us to a very necessary question, which is, "What makes the Bible different from other religions' "holy books"? The Bible presents a consistent message throughout: from Genesis to Revelation. It gives a validated history of God revealing himself to human beings in a powerful way. In the midst of the often chaotic and tragic events of the Old Testament, God instructed his prophets to proclaim that at an appointed time a Savior, a Messiah, would stepped forth from eternity into time, and provide the only solution for the age-old problems of man. That Messiah, or Savior, came to be known as Jesus Christ.

When Jesus came into this world he fulfilled all of the Old Testament prophecies about the Savior; which amounted to more than 300 prophecies. Therefore, Jesus just did not pop up on the scene of this world from out of nowhere, like the founders of other religions. Jesus came forth as a culmination of a consistent flow of events and godly revelations. A flow which travels through the Old Testament, and through the New Testament, and into the lives of all that will receive Jesus Christ as their Savior by the working of the Holy Spirit.


Don't judge Christianity by the people and organizations which have been, and still are, bad examples of the Christian faith.  Some of them have never practiced biblical Christianity: organizations such as the Catholic "church"; Mormons; Jehovah Witnesses; Christian Scientist; to name a few.  Jesus Christ and his message, as portrayed in the King James version of the Bible, has not changed, and will not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).  

The greatest danger to an individual's soul today comes from evangelical organizations that say they believe what Hebrews 13:8 says, while other aspects of their message are laden with spiritual poison. The Bible prophesied that this widespread religious deception would come to pass. It started many centuries ago, but has exploded in these last days (Matthew 24:24; 2 Timothy 3:5; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12). The situation makes "joining church" a risky proposition. Therefore, no matter which way you turn, it is very difficult to avoid "bad religion" today. Your safest course of action is to diligently study the New Testament of a King James Version of the Bible, and engage in a lot of deep, God-seeking prayer. And God will send someone to provide any additional help that may be needed. Also, the contents of this website can be a valuable resource to help you understand True Christianity.


Practitioners of many old and new religions have made the tragic mistake of formulating their religion as a reaction to the malpractice of Christianity. It is in everyone's best interest to realize they must work at understanding why Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life: and no one can come into the right relationship with God the Father, but by Him." Because by choosing another religion a person would be making a huge gamble, betting the Bible (especially the New Testament) is wrong. They would choose to believe this in the face of all of the natural evidence from archaeological research; modern scientific discoveries; ancient historians; and the numerous Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled in the past, and that are being fulfilled right before our eyes today.  Yes, the choice can be very difficult, especially considering the social pressure or difficult circumstance that may exist for some.  But it is a choice that can only be made by each individual. The individual will either reap the eternal benefits of the right choice; or the awful eternal consequences of the wrong choice.


To help in the decision making process, God is appealing directly to the heart of every person, seeking to draw them to his Son, Jesus Christ (John 6:44-45; Revelation 3:20). Why? There are many reasons, but the one that all can relate to is Jesus' defeat of DEATH! Jesus' personal resurrection from the dead gives us assurance He will raise us up at the appointed time, if we follow Him. Since God desires for everyone to be saved, He is making appeals directly to the hearts of all. All you must do is search for Him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13), and feel for Him, inwardly (Acts 17:27).

There are many testimonies from people of other religions, as well as those with no religion, that have received powerful revelations of God when they have cried out to him with all their heart. They testify that they have heard the voice of God, as recorded in the Bible, saying, "Jesus is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear you him." When you have let hearing and reading the gospel of Jesus Christ lead you to a position of faith in him, and turn from your sinful ways, and ask God to send his Holy Spirit into your heart, then you will know you have avoided all "bad religion". Because the Holy Spirit will enlighten your heart and mind, enabling you to clearly see the differnece between the true and the false.  The Holy Spirit will give you an experience of power, joy, and peace that transcends the natural world.  By the Spirit's continual witness, and other magnificent things, you will have an assurance that you belong to God, having received the SALVATION of your eternal soul (Romans 8:16).

It is very evident that Jesus Christ and his gospel provides the ONLY way for a person to come to the right relationship with God; as prophesied in the Old Testament, and as came into being according to the New Testament of the Bible.  Thus Christianity was established.  But throughout the centuries until this day, ungodly men and women have taken it upon themselves to shape Christianity in a manner that fulfills their fleshly lusts and ambitions.  Therefore most people that carry the name "Christian" have beliefs and practices that are vastly different from the Biblical gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a result many have lost their way, and their souls.

All Like Sheep Have Gone Astray, Every One To His Own Way...(Again!)(Isaiah 53:6)

They all could be WRONG; but they all cannot be RIGHT!
This is because they do not teach the same thing. The Last Days was to have church people greatly deceived and without power, promoting sin, worshiping self and the mammon of material prosperity; rather than God. Then in the day of JUDGEMENT they will cry out Lord, Lord but will not enter God’s Kingdom. This ministry is called to help you avoid this awful fate! Please make use of the various videos on this site that deal with the Fallen Church and false doctrine. They will give you a lot of Biblical information on how to avoid corrupt churches, as well as how to know if you are part of one. Also, reading the following scriptures will begin the helping process: Daniel 8:23-25; 2 Timothy 3:1-9; 2 Thess. 2:1-12; Rev. 3:14-19; 2 Peter 2:1-3; Mat. 6:24, 31-34 & 7:13-23; and 1 Timothy 6:3-14. Also, you may check our DVD page for additional help.

This diagram illustrates why the Bible stands alone as the only Holy Book truly inspired by God. No other book in the history of mankind has so many things, both natural and spiritual, converging in such a comprehensive manner to undergird its validity. Therefore, by common sense, as well as by devine providence, every living human being should hasten their efforts in determining what the Bible has to say to them. The safest way to do this is to go directly to the New Testament of the Bible, especially the King James Version, and prayerfully read it for yourself.  Emphasis is put on using the New Testament because it relates to one of the basic principles of "How to Interpret the Bible for Yourself". The New Testament contains the new covenant, or contract, that God invites us to enter into with him through Jesus Christ; which is the only way for our souls to be saved.

Check our DVD pages for information on this and other subjects; and watch for the addition of new material.

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