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What In The World...

In a World Without Hope, Meaning, Purpose, and Lasting Fulfillment; There is SOMEONE to Turn To...

Consequences of Ungodliness 

Doomsday: Can You Be Prepared 

Mankind Knows Too Much, Yet Not Enough

Mankind was forbidden to partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, which was located in the garden of Eden. But Adam and eve disobeyed God by eating from the tree anyway. As a result, mankind gained access to greater knowledge, but had no ability to just use it for good. Instead, his sinfulness has persistently pushed him toward using his knowledge for evil purposes. This process has brought the human race to the precipice of either losing our physical identity by either alteration or by annihilation: Scientists and social engineers desire to alter the human genetic makeup; politicians and military leaders are on a path to clear the planet with a nuclear Holocaust. BUT GOD HAS ANOTHER PLAN!

Forbidden Fruit: Man Has Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew!

No Audio, Captions Only. Please Read Thoughtfully.

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