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YOUR PARTICIPATION IS WELCOME. You may have heard or read religious teaching that may seem questionable; if so, send us a copy, using the comment section of the "Contact Us" page. And we will see if it passes the "Lie Detector" Test. (CLICK HERE)

When using the "Lie Detector" you must be strong enough to HANDLE THE TRUTH! Some of the beliefs expressed here have been around for centuries, becoming deeply imbedded in the psyche of religious people, and people in general.  Therefore, you must be willing to take the position of God's word, and stand against all else, and everybody else! Then, by sharing the truth with others, you may help many souls avoid the Eternal Lake of Fire!
"...Let God be true, but every man a LIAR!"
- Romans 3:4


The "Witness" Said:
"When a person becomes a Christian they then have two natures operating in them. One is the nature received from our natural birth. The other is received when we are born again by the Spirit of God."
After considering the above statement, CLICK either TRUTH or LIE, to see if the LIE DETECTOR agrees with you. The answer will be accompanied by an explanation.
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