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GOD Desires to Change You for the Better! Man Wants to Change You for the Worse!


Dehumanizing Humans: Tip of Iceberg 


God's Great Offer Through JESUS CHRIST...

...Otherwise we will encounter many pitfalls in life.  But if you come out of them alive, JESUS will still be waiting; unless the RAPTURE takes place!

Cruel & Destructive Rule
of the "Sex God"

            Exposing the  
_____"Sex God"_____

Sex was designed for humans to perpetuate the human physical presence here on earth. It was not given as a means to sustain one's emotional state. Nor was it supposed to be a way to achieve a sense of self-worth, or the primary way to obtain satisfaction and fulfillment. These are issues that pertain to the inner person, the spirit and soul, therefore they require a spiritual solution, not a physical. But as the result of being born with a fallen spirit, and the unwillingness on the part of most to accept God’s remedy for the problem, people find themselves in a position to try just about anything else in an attempt to cope with life. But all human efforts will prove to be insufficient for the task at hand. Yet people may try things from skydiving to illegal drugs; from mountain climbing to bull running; from trips to the mall to world travel; from new age religions to..... SEX!


Well, really, sex is usually not the last resort, it's likely to be the first, with everything else camped around it. Reason: it's so accessible, and comes with a built-in drive system that gets your attention. The sex drive is very strong. It is part of the human collective survival system. When it becomes unbridled by the absence of things of a higher purpose, then it takes over the position as the greatest single influence in a person's life. Therefore, it becomes the person's god, the "Sex God".


The extremes of worship mandated by the "sex god" can be seen in the abnormalities of the gay lifestyle, as well as the pervasive obsessions of most heterosexuals. The primary purpose of sex, as mandated by the one true God, was to utilize the human reproductive system to populate the Earth; and the gratification component was no doubt added to encourage the process. The process can only work when it includes a properly endowed man and woman, who should have entered into a marriage contract, that specifies "not until death do we part".  Gay sex ignores the fact that reproduction is impossible with them, being only to eager to seek gratification. In either case it causes its proponents to depart from the true God, and bow down to the "sex god", in hopes of receiving a moment of gratification to soothe an agitated and lonely soul.


It has been "straight people" that have done the most to fan the flames of worship of the "sex god". They have exalted the "sex god" in books, pamphlets, art, magazines, movies, television, video games, and the Internet. In so doing they have created a climate where many people feel left out and worthless unless they can find some way to participate, somehow, in the worship of the "sex god". The blinding effect is so debilitating on the soul that many willingly offer their children as human sacrifices in their worship of the "sex god".  This practice is better known as abortion! As to the children that survive the abortionist, many are so neglected by parents (preoccupied with their sexuality) that they are cheated out of the necessary nurturing and discipline that could give them a better chance at life.


Those that cannot participate in traditional sexuality, or that have become disenchanted with it, feel compelled to try a different approach. The different approach often finds many participating in pornography and becoming sexual predators; or indulging in the child sex trade in the US and abroad.  Even the deadly AIDS epidemic has not dampened the enthusiasm to worship the "sex god".  Instead several products are being sold that are designed to further stimulate the sex drive. The compulsion of the "sex god" is so strong that several politicians and preachers have sacrificed their careers and reputations by bowing down to it. In other words, they believe worship must continue no matter the cost.


A famous singer once said, "everybody's going to serve somebody." Another truth came forth from a singer that said, "everybody has a hungry heart." Yes, indeed, many people have set about early in life trying to find some way to satisfy the hunger deep within. But it always turns out as another famous singer once cried, "I can't get no satisfaction. I tried. I tried. And I tried."  Now these and other people have used their enormous resources in their quest for satisfaction and fulfillment by human means, which usually included a strong sex component, but came up empty.

A person must recognize their true identity, purpose, and rights as a human being.  The true God created us to have dominion, instead of being dominated. So, regardless of what your resources might consist of, you should be willing to try the only proven way to achieve lasting satisfaction and fulfillment. You must realize you are an eternal being. Your terminal body will eventually lose its sex drive; in fact it will even lose its ability to exist. But your heart, your spirit and soul, will go on, and on, and on.


Therefore, we must put an end to the "hungry heart syndrome" while we are still in our bodies, in this present world.  To do this we must establish a real heart-to-heart, Spirit to spirit, relationship with the real God through Jesus Christ!  Jesus was sent on a rescue mission by God to deliver human beings from all the earthbound perils and dead-end trips of their earthly existence. He even delivers us from the horrors of death itself.  

No it's not about joining church, it's about joining Jesus! In order to do that we must come to a deep faith in him; a faith that is supported by the Bibles accuracy in its prophetic pronouncements, it's history, and it's life-changing message. Numerous archaeological discoveries, modern scientific knowledge, and the writings of ancient historians also prove the Bible is the written word of God.  Those facts and others enable us to have the faith to embraces all that Jesus has said and done for us.

We must answer his call to repent, turn away from all things contrary to the word of God. Then we embrace his death as the death of our old nature and its ways. Next we passionately ask God to send his Holy Spirit into our heart. The Holy Spirit will raise us up into a new life, and give us a new nature; and a new source for satisfaction, fulfillment, and many other fantastic things, that will last beyond time, into eternity.


This will put an end to the insufficient, deceptive rule of the "sex god" in your life. As stated earlier, sex is the God-given way by which we began our existence. But the fact that some remain overly preoccupied with it, shows that they have not made much progress as a human being. It also shows the limitations of the physical world. The physical world is finite. We were created to be in the likeness of the infinite God.  In Isaiah chapter 66 God says that Heaven is his throne, and the Earth is his footstool, as a symbol of his omnipotence. We were created to worship the true God, not his footstool; nor anything on it, including ourselves; or anything we can do with our bodies! Because IT JUST WILL NOT WORK!


So, set aside some quiet time, away from the distractions and irrational support your friends. Meditate, thinking through the things presented here, and other issues of life. Then turn to a loving God before your time on the "footstool" runs out. Eventually the whole "footstool" (Earth) will be destroyed when his LOVE turns to WRATH!



There are so many opportunities and options in this modern world to take "emotional trips"; either by personal experience or vicariously.  Even so a person can exhaust many of their options at a very early age.  Some trips are worthwhile and have a good purpose. Others are just plain bad from the start.  But they all lead to the end of the road.

For example, a young person may be introduced to the exhilarating experience of the party life. At first there is so much fun and excitement, but later on she becomes addicted and mentally impaired from drug use. And there can be another person that has received his degrees from a prestigious university. He starts his family, and begins his ascent up the corporate ladder; excited about the sweet smell of success. But then he finds himself one evening, alone in his high-rise office, staring into the night with this awful feeling of emptiness.

Though from different perspectives, they both wonder: "What went wrong?" "Where did all the thrills and chills go?" "Why wasn't there a pot of gold at the end of the beautiful rainbow?" You see, the reality is, no rainbow of the natural world is able to deliver on its promise, in the final analysis. What is seen on TV, movies, and the Internet, as well as what is heard in music, cannot ever live up to their hype. But, out of desparation, many people place their hopes in these things, only later to find themselves at the end of the road, wondering where else can they go.


The problem is most people start off on an imaginary journey, not a factual one. Facts are usually scarce at the beginning, but then the imagination kicks in to fill the void. Then the person continues their pursuit of life with high expectations, based primarily on the imagination. But eventually as they encounter the realities of life, reality will take the place of imagination.

This syndrome is most prominently found in relationships. The seeker sees someone they are attracted to, sometimes it is even called "love at first sight". But all the seeker has to go on is the visual appearance of the person as the person chose to appear on that given day.  But the seeker disregards the temporary effect that makeup, or a recent trip to the hair salon, can have on a person. So this is where imagination usually kicks into overdrive. Through his imagination the seeker begins to attribute certain characteristics and qualities to the person that may be far from how the person really is.

This illusion can often be strong enough to last, and propelled the relationship for weeks, months, and maybe even a year or two.  But eventually the steady, erosive effect of reality will unmask the person and reveal who they really are. This is often a two-way street. So then on the part of both persons, adjustments must be made; they must now deal with reality. Failure to adjust properly is what has contributed to the skyrocketing divorce rate.


However, the same basic syndrome is at work in nearly every aspect and pursuit of life. Obviously there is something inherent in us as human beings that makes us so willing to travel down these dead end roads. The Bible tells us that this inclination is part of a sin nature that all human beings have inherited from the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The sin nature causes us not to have a proper relationship with God.

As a result there is a certain emptiness inside of us, in our soul and spirit. In response to this emptiness, we often go about, chasing down many roads, trying to find a way to make it go away. But there's only one way to fill the emptiness, and that is returning to the proper relationship with God. That is why Jesus Christ came into this world, to offer individuals a great opportunity to regain acceptance before God. To act on this opportunity a person must embrace by faith all that Jesus has said and done. That is, we must come to a deep, life-changing, belief in Jesus as savior of our souls and Lord of our lives.

It starts with repentance, turning away from and abandoning the behavior that has led us on many dead end trips. Then we must accept the death of Jesus Christ as being the death of our old nature, as well as the means to receive forgiveness for our past sins. Then we will receive the power of his resurrection by receiving the Holy Spirit to live in us. This brings about the born-again experience, causing us to be a new creation in Christ. This puts us on a new road called the highway to Heaven. It has no dead ends, but life everlasting. And we must stay the course!

There is Hope for EVERYONE!

"I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found; Was Blind, But Now I See..."


Jesus said of Himself in Luke 19:10, "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost."


The light rays of truth that can make any person free will come your way. Truth brings about freedom by introducing us to a new reality. It is a reality full of hope, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment that will never end. It will last throughout the rest of your journey through time, and it's even better in eternity. But at the beginning the rays of light may appear as just a faint flicker. This is because spiritual darkness can be so thick.  

But do not resign yourself to accepting spiritual darkness, thinking some day you will find what you need in it.   You may have received promises that great things can be found in spiritual darkness, but do not believe it.  You must realize that the Prince of darkness, who is Satan, never intends to keep his promises. He is also called the prince or “god of this world" because he has so much influence over the leaders and trend setters in the world.  

Satan makes various promises through politicians, commercials, movies, television, internet, video games, and music.  At times what he offers  may seem to come true, for a while, but that is just a step in the process toward a great betrayal.  It's the bait in the trap. The Prince of darkness lies because he is the father of lies. Yet he is able to keep many people hanging on, hoping against hope that somehow, and someday, their needs of life will be met in darkness.


Instead insist on seeing the light of truth! Although it may be a flicker, look for it; watching and waiting, even anticipating, so that you can act quickly. Because you must grab the light of truth immediately, and hold on tenaciously in prayer to God; otherwise darkness will close in again.


As you continue steadfast in prayer the flicker will turn into a flame! It must be a prayer of utter desperation, where you are involving all that is in you in this cry for help. You must cry out to Almighty God, your Creator, asking him to rescue your soul and spirit from the powers of darkness. Help comes in the realization that God has already sent his only begotten son into the world, namely Jesus Christ, to seek and to save those that are lost. 

So now God wants you to know who He is, and who you are, as one that was created to be in His image.  It is not your body that He is most interested in, it is your soul and spirit.  Your body came into being as a result of the human reproductive process, but your spirit and soul was personally made by God. 


Your great need has already been responded to by God’s great love, as expressed in John 3:16-21, which says, “16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
19And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
20For every one that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
But he that does truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”


Jesus came to pay the price for all of your sins and mistakes of the past.  He did this by His willing death on the cross.  But He also demonstrated that there is more to you than just a body by allowing His body to come to an end by death, and then rising from the dead.  By His resurrection Jesus proved His gospel of eternal life will work for you and me too.  So look for the light of truth; ask, seek, and knock for it; and it shall be yours.  Because when you know the truth it will make you free!!!

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