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Acts 2.0-Evangelize

Get Saved! Get Growing! Get Prepared! Get Busy! And STAY READY!


The above diagram shows the pattern for evangelism that was established by Jesus Christ and the apostles of the Bible, as stated in 2 Timothy 2:2.. Although it was co-opted by multilevel marketers, it should still be used for soul winning today. If this concept had been maintained over the centuries, perhaps the church would be stronger today instead of being in a fallen state. People have a tendency to get a deeper grasp of something they are required to use. Instead the practice of Christianity was allowed to become more like a spectator sport. As some have calculated mathematically, if the original system had been in use in recent decades, there would have been no need for Christian television to spread the gospel. But what made it seem that Christian television was so necessary, is the failure of professing Christians to obey the command of Jesus to "go into all the world, and preach the gospel". It is their failure to do their God given duty that has allowed so-called Christian television to bring in a host of moneygrubbing charlatans, false prophets, forever promoting schemes to fleece the flock. The question now is "Will a man robbed the people of God". The answer is a hardy “YES”! But no one can pay someone else to be there "hired gun", to do their witnessing. You must make sure you show yourself approved unto God, being a worker in your own right.

As the Scripture also says, you must rightly divide the Word of truth. In other words, you must make sure what you tell others is totally consistent with the Bible; especially the King James Version. You do not have to know everything about the Bible, just be sure to speak what you do know. On this website you will find a lot of video and other material to help you in doing the work of the Lord correctly. All of our material is clearly based on Scripture. So let God use you to proclaim His truth, and combat the flood of false doctrine that has basically taken over most churches and television ministries.

I. All Christians are commanded to evangelize, according to their ability.
All Christians are required to obey ALL teachings of the New Testament!

II. After salvation comes individual spiritual growth, and preparation to share the gospel.


III. A true servant of Christ gladly responds to all of his Commandments, including actively sharing the gospel of Christ.

IV. God expects a Christian to become fruitful in the work of the Lord in a timely fashion.


V. If a Christian, as a servant of Christ, willfully disobeys any command of Jesus, including the command to share the gospel, they will lose their reward, and be cast into a place of torment when Jesus returns.


The fact that most professing Christians do not witness for Jesus, is another indicators that most of what passes for Christianity is a corrupted form, compared to what Jesus started in Jerusalem. The influence of prominent, but misguided, elements in Europe, and in America, has resulted in various forms of Christianity that's far from the biblical pattern; which makes it unable to save your soul. One reason most professing Christians do not witness for Jesus is because the practice of Christianity has become more like attending theater, instead of attending training sessions in preparation to do the work of Jesus Christ. What you see today is an outgrowth of the practice that started in Europe, where ordinary people were forbidden by church leaders to read the Bible for themselves. Church Leaders even burned at the stake those that sought to eliminate this practice by translating the Bible into the language of the people. Now, even though Bibles are readily available, and the literacy rate is very high, most ordinary people have little first-hand knowledge of the Bible. This is brought about because religious leaders disable the rational mind of their congregants by inserting a layer of complicated false doctrines between the person and the text of the Bible. This makes the person believe that the Bible message itself is too complicated to understand without the help of their false teachers. But now it has gotten much worse as part of the end times strong delusion. Satan is seeking to strike the final blow by using deceived religious leaders to produce Bibles that reflect centuries old false doctrine. They do this in the guise of making these Bibles easier to read. But instead they are making them easier for sinners to accept by not requiring them to totally abandon their sins.  But it only gives sinners a false hope of going to heaven; because God's standard for salvation does not change by man's actions, or by passage of time.

These traditions of men have enabled them to achieve their goals of more money and power by attracting more people into their organizations. But they have not been able to prepare the masses of people to help achieve the objectives of Jesus Christ. Therefore, you must break from the ranks of the majority and... Get Saved! Get Growing! Get Prepared! Get Busy! And STAY READY (for the Return of Jesus)!


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