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Check the 7-13-16 Revised Timeline

The current version of the above diagram was uploaded on 7-13-16.  However the first Timeline remains the same. It is the backbone of the whole diagram; because its beginning event is believed to be more certain than any other. All beginning events are a matter of interpretation, that's why there are question marks.  The time interval and ending event for each Timeline is accurate, because they are given by Scripture.  The main objective is to promote God-seeking, life-changing prayer to ensure personal readiness to meet God.  Whenever the Abomination of Desolation triggers the attack of many nations on Israel, then all should know the Rapture is very close at hand! Explanatory videos are beginning to appear on YouTube, Pastor Redmond channel.


An abundance of evidence has been accumulated over several decades to indicate that the events related to the first five "Seals" are near completion. Therefore, events related to the Sixth Seal should begin to unfold very soon. These events will lead to, and include,


The above diagram shows part of the overwhelming evidence how the USA Started off small, but rose to become the greatest nation (or kingdom) the world has ever known. That's why it can be easily identified as "End Times Babylon" and the "Main Body" (and principal head) of "The Beast".

The prophecy of the 10 Jubilees by Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel, although given about 800 hundred years ago, also adds credibility to the Rapture occurring very soon. Once his prophetic clock started in 1517, his next two predictions has occurred right on time!  His next event, the "Day of the Lord", is projected to occur in 2017.  The "Day of the Lord" refers to the great battle that the Lord will be involved in. The first phase of this battle is expected to begin as an attack against Israel shortly before the Rapture (Matthew 24:15-31; Ezekiel 38:1-12). Then it should expand into the Battle of Armageddon after the Rapture (Ezekiel 38:18-23; Zechariah 14:1-4).

This diagram summarizes the last events of the "Last Days". When these events begin to occur EVERYONE SHOULD BE CRYING OUT TO GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL THEIR HEART!!! Confess all sin, and ask God to cleanse you of all secret faults. Empty yourself before the Lord until He sends His Holy Spirit upon you, and in you, in an unmistakable manner. This is the way you can be sure of your readiness to
MEET ALMIGHTY GOD! (Romans 8:14, 16)


Discover what Satan and the "Fallen Church" Does Not Want You to Know!
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How's this for MOTIVATION: Get Christianity Right or Spend an Eternity in the LAKE OF FIRE!!!

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.  -Revelation20:15

Exposing Satan's
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Spiritual Mass Destruction

These weapons have been used to target people of the church for a long time now.  Destruction, loss of spiritual life, has been massive.  Many churchgoing people are spiritually dead, and don't even know it.  They are headed for the Lake of Fire, unless they turn and accept true Biblical Christianity. 

As a result of Satan using the Big Lies of the "Doctrine of Eternal Security" (once saved, always saved) and the "Prosperity Gospel", m
illions are probably already in Hell by surprise.  This
greatest of all tragedies was foretold by Old Testament prophets and by the New Testament apostles; as well as by Jesus Christ in the Gospels.  But the leaders of the last days Fallen Church have been so blinded by their own personal ambition, that they have not been concerned about the spiritual well-being of their flock.  As 2 Peter 2:3 said, these false teachers have made "merchandise" of their flocks, using them for their own financial gain. They are a prime example of what Jesus warned of in Matthew 7:15-20, and that is, they are false prophets, wolves in sheep clothing.


The New Testament tells people to turn away from churches and TV ministries that teach even a little bit of religious error (1 Timothy 6:5; 2 Timothy 3:5; Galatians 5:9).  But where are you going to turn since false teaching is so widespread?  Well, first turn to God in deep prayer, and to the New Testament of the Bible.  And realize that God has established CROSS & SPIRIT Ministry Center to help you through this website, and in person, for those in Southern California. 

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